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Reinforced Slopes with Wrap-around and Vegetated Facings

A Geosynthetic Application under Slope and Wall Reinforcement

Wrap Around and vegetated Facings

Geogrid-wrapped facings utilize soil-filled bags as the slope facing units with engineered soil backfill behind. They are especially suitable for the construction of steep slopes in areas where operations can be mobilised without incurring high costs. The use of soilbags to form the facing profile makes construction of complex shaped structures a relatively easy task while the soil fill encourages rapid vegetation growth of the system. The engineered soil backfill is reinforced with TenCate Miragrid® GX geogrids. The geogrid reinforcement is wrapped around the soilbags to a specific designed height and then laid back into the soil with sufficient anchorage length. Soil backfill is then placed and compacted, and the process is repeated until the slope height has been completed.

This facing system is suitable for slopes with angles up to 80° and heights varying from 3m to 50m. Ground water seepage is controlled by installing a geosynthetic wrapped stone drainage layer at the rear of the reinforced soil structure with the ground water discharged through drainage pipes into surface drains. The completed structure, when vegetated, blends easily with the surrounding environment. It is a proven and cost effective alternative to conventional concrete structures.

Products used to reinforce slopes with wrap-around
and vegetated facings:

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