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Reinforced Slopes with Steel Mesh Formwork Facings

A Geosynthetic Application under Slope and Wall Reinforcement

Reinforced Slopes with Steel Mesh Formwork Facings

The combination of steel mesh formwork and TenCate Miragrid® GX geogrid or TenCate Polyfelt® PEC composite geotextile effectively shapes and reinforces soil slope structures. The system consists of pre-formed galvanized steel mesh stabilised by restraining hooks to form a stable facing slope for the geosynthetic reinforced soil mass. Biodegradable geotextiles are inserted behind the steel mesh facing to prevent soil erosion and encourage vegetation growth.

TenCate Polyfelt® PEC is most commonly used as the reinforcement when the soil mass consists of finer-grained backfill that has poor drainage properties. Alternatively, TenCate Miragrid® GX geogrid is typically used to reinforce coarser-grained soil backfills. This system is ideal for slopes with angles up to 80° and heights ranging from 2m to 25m. It provides a stable facing that blends with the surrounding landscape.

Products used to reinforce slopes with
steel mesh formwork facings:

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