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Subsurface Drainage

A Geosynthetic Application under Infrastructure

Subsurface Drainage

Drainage system failure occurs most often from system clogging when the drainage aggregate and pipe becomes contaminated with the surrounding soil. This clogging can result in failure of the structure.

To prevent clogging, TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextiles can be placed between the drainage aggregate and the soil to be drained. The geotextiles act as a filter and separator, retaining the natural soil while allowing water to pass into the drainage system. The gradation of the soil to be filtered must be compatible with the pore size distribution of the geotextile. The manufacturing process used by TenCate allows the formulation of an ideal pore size distribution in the geotextile for optimum soil filtration.

TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextile filters are robust to withstand installation stresses and rough backfilling procedures. Typical applications of TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextiles include road edge drains; filters behind gabions and retaining walls; sports field drainage filters; drainage of golf course greens and sand bunkers; architectural and landscape drainage; and agricultural drains.

The excellent filtration properties and robust, yet flexible, behaviour makes TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextile the ideal material to be used for subsurface drainage filters.

Products used in subsurface drainage:

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