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Subgrade Stabilization

A Geosynthetic Application under Infrastructure

Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade stabilization is one of the most common geotextile applications. The geotextile, placed at the interface between the soft subgrade and the granular fill material, prevents the loss of the granular fill into the soft subgrade, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the granular fill layer.

Geotextiles used for subgrade stabilization must meet specific mechanical and hydraulic requirements in order to perform properly. Two external factors govern the mechanical requirements of the geotextile. These are the strength of the soft subgrade beneath the geotextile, and the type of granular fill material placed above the geotextile. The geotextile has to be more robust the weaker the subgrade below, and the larger the stone sizes used in the granular fill material above. The hydraulic properties of the geotextile must ensure adequate movement of groundwater out of the soft subgrade.

TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven and TenCate Mirafi® woven geotextiles provide the mechanical and hydraulic properties required to ensure robust mechanical behaviour and the accommodation of varying insitu groundwater conditions. Made from needlepunched polypropylene fibres, TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextiles are ideally suited for moderately soft subgrades. TenCate Mirafi® woven geotextiles are ideal for very soft subgrades because of their good tensile strength and stiffness properties. These geotextiles are ideal for engineered load support structures like road pavements, railroads, aircraft runways and taxiways, container loading yards, construction platforms, earth fills and low embankments.

Cost effective and easy to install, both TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven and TenCate Mirafi® woven geotextiles have an impressive track record demonstrating good performance under varying ground conditions, thus making them the perfect solution for stabilizing soft and saturated subgrades.

Products used in subgrade stabilization:

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