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Pavement Overlays

A Geosynthetic Application under Infrastructure

Pavement Overlays

Increased traffic frequency and axle loads combined with changes in pavement temperature exert stresses on asphalt pavements. These stresses induce the formation and propagation of cracks in the asphalt pavement, allowing precipitation and oxygen to penetrate into the underlying structure, thus accelerating the deterioration of bitumen binders. The end results are cracked pavement layers and stripping of the asphalt surface.

TenCate Polyfelt® PGM and PGMG are paving geotextiles specially manufactured for pavement rehabilitation to extend the life span of stressed pavements. TenCate Polyfelt® PGM is designed to provide optimum absorption of bitumen that effectively bonds the new asphalt overlay to the old pavement providing a waterproof layer within the pavement structure. It is suitable for applications on low to moderate trafficked roads. TenCate Polyfelt® PGMG is a pavement reinforcement composite utilizing fibreglass yarns and is ideal for use in airport runways, highways, container yards, cracked concrete pavements, and for cement-treated subbases.

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