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Accelerated Soft Soil Consolidation

To prevent later problems of excess settlement, it is important that excess pore pressures be removed from soft foundation soils within a short time frame. This ensures that foundation shear…

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Pavement Overlays

Increased traffic frequency and axle loads combined with changes in pavement temperature exert stresses on asphalt pavements. These stresses induce the formation and propagation of cracks in the asphalt pavement,…

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Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade stabilization is one of the most common geotextile applications. The geotextile, placed at the interface between the soft subgrade and the granular fill material, prevents the loss of the…

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Subsurface Drainage

Drainage system failure occurs most often from system clogging when the drainage aggregate and pipe becomes contaminated with the surrounding soil. This clogging can result in failure of the structure.

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