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Soil Erosion Prevention and Vegetation Growth

A Geosynthetic Application under Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Natural vegetation is the most environmentally friendly form of erosion protection that also greens and stabilizes slopes. The TenCate Polyfelt® range of erosion protection mats comprise TenCate Polyfelt® Polymat EM, made from high density polyethylene fibres to form a three-dimensional mat structure; and TenCate Polyfelt® Envirofelt that is made from 100% biodegradable natural fibres reinforced with a polypropylene mesh.

Heavy rain during the initial root development phase can lead to erosion and threaten successful vegetation growth. Both TenCate Polyfelt® Polymat EM and TenCate Polyfelt® Envirofelt are designed to reduce the impact of rain and retain the topsoil that provides support for vegetation growth on steep slopes. These erosion protection mats provide instantaneous slope protection and are easy to install while their flexibility allows them to conform to slope irregularities.

Typical application areas include slopes, riverbanks, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, storm water channels, road embankments and cuttings, reinforced soil structures, noise barriers, landscapes and landfill covers.

Products used in slope erosion protection :

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