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Barrier Against Liquid Migration

A Geosynthetic Application under Environmental Sustainability

Barrier Against Liquid Migration

TenCate Polyfelt® Enviromat geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is made from high quality polypropylene geotextiles and premium grade granular bentonite. The granular bentonite sealing compound is encapsulated between the geotextile layers that are held together through dense needle-punching and heat treatment process. This provides high shear strength in the GCL making it suitable for application on slopes. It also ensures that the granular bentonite is uniformly and securely contained to deliver superior performance.

High quality bentonite will exhibit similar hydraulic properties whether in powder or granular form. However, granular bentonite offers several benefits over powder bentonite: it does not disperse easily during handling and installation. This ensures consistencies in the mass per unit area of the GCL, resulting in consistent and superior fluid barrier performance. Granular bentonite minimises the contamination of the welded seams of geomembranes, making on-site seam welding easy and with assured quality. It also minimises clogging of the underlying drainage layer.

Typical applications of TenCate Polyfelt® Enviromat GCL include water retention or recreational ponds, reservoirs, canals, secondary containment of storage tanks, and landfill base liners.

Products used as a barrier to liquids and gases:

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