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Embankments on Soft Soil

A Geosynthetic Application under Basal Reinforcement

embankments on soft soil

Reinforcement over Soft Soil

Geosynthetics reinforce the shear stresses of the fill material leading to an increase of the foundation bearing capacity.

High strength geosynthetics provide a cost effective solution to achieve a greater and quicker stability of embankments constructed on soft foundations.
Geosynthetics allow:

  • Optimum embankment height over a minimum area
  • Steeper side slopes
  • Increase in construction speed with no loss of stability
  • Resistance to outward movement of the embankment

TenCate Geosynthetics Over Soft Soils

TenCate Mirafi® (woven), TenCate Miragrid® (geogrids) and TenCate Polyfelt® (composites), made from high tenacity polymers meet the highest demands of the site:

  • Strength up to 1600kN/m to ensure embankment stability
  • Long term properties to guarantee performance over the lifetime of the structure
  • Adaptable rolls to suit site requirements:
    1.    Long and wide rolls
    2.    Custom made roll sizes to facilitate ease of installation

TenCate Solutions

The technical skills of our engineers ensures the most effective and economic solution:

  • TenCate offers a reliable and comprehensive solution to the customer
  • Design suggestions are proposed to the consultant using the most relevant and up-to-date design codes
  • Installation support and advice helps the contractor place the geosynthetic correctly and efficiently


Embankment on Soft Soil Diagram

Products used for embankments on soft soil:

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